I have worked in the fitness industry since I was 20, working my way up from modern apprentice, working in commercial and private gyms, to finally becoming Company Director of Ascend Personal Training. I have achieved a variety of different qualifications from Sports Nutrition and Nutrition and Weight Management , Biomechanics, Strength and Conditioning, Hypertrophy Training, Functional Range Conditioning, Mobility specialist, Kinstretch Instructor, Pilates and more.



Whether you’re looking for fat loss, muscle growth or a strong core – I have the skillset needed. My job is not only about helping my clients achieve their health goals but also achieving them in an effective manner that fits into your lifestyle so they become sustainable over time. Get ready because we are going to build you up together!


I became a personal trainer because I wanted to help people and my own life journey influenced my passion. When I was young I wasn’t particularly good at sport or exercise, I was obese as a child and I was bullied because of my weight. I was 15 when I developed Anorexia and throughout my teens I battled against the disease and my weight dropped to 5 stone at one point.  I was determined to beat Anorexia and I was committed to my recovery, focusing on living a sustainable and more balanced lifestyle without restriction. 


25 I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid, a diagnosis that was devastating to me because of my past history. I fought back again, with a mindset of recovery and becoming the best version of myself again. Giving birth to my son at age 35 was amazing. The body transformation was challenging but I was prepared and ready to embrace the whole experience. I trained throughout my pregnancy and It helped me stay strong pre and postnatal. 


I have the empathy, the life experience and expertise to truly help you change your life by adopting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

What is Ascend On Demand
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Sustainable fitness

Ascend ‘On Demand’ offers a sustainable exercise and nutrition lifestyle that fits the individual. No gruelling fitness regimes, no unattainable plans, and no one size fits all approach.

Why Ascend 'On Demand'

Ascend ‘On Demand’ offers all the components of fitness: Flexibility and strength, that can easily be done anywhere at anytime.

Why are we different?

Ascend ‘On Demand’ regulary updates the content, provides you with well informed material both on technique and nutrition. And keeps you accountable so you achieve your fitness goals. 

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