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Invest in your health and fitness…ASCEND ON DEMAND is designed to empower each member through INTELLIGENT training techniques and REALISTIC nutritional strategies.

We are more than just a membership site to look at online workouts. We have carefully crafted a family of programs, designed for fat loss and general fitness, which we tailor to the individual’s lifestyle.

Our mission is for every person who ascends with us to achieve their goals in life, health, and happiness. Check out what we have waiting for YOU: sustainable diet programs that are tailored down to each individual’s needs; honed workout plans that will allow REAL change happen instead of temporary weight loss (that only leads back into those old habits).



Sustainable exercise and nutrition lifestyle.



No unattainable eating plans, or one size fits all approach.



Achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals in a realistic and manageable way.

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I will help you achieve a sustainable Fitness lifestyle that will deliver optimum Health and fitness for life

Ascend Training has developed a formula that works for fat loss and general fitness! Care is taken to empower each member through intelligent training techniques and realistic nutritional strategies. We don’t believe in ‘sin’ or ‘clean’ foods or restrictive diet plans because we do not believe quick fixes work long term. Through our ‘On Demand’ membership we have created a strong community, who motivate one another to achieve better health and stronger mindset.

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Arrange a ‘health check’ call with Danielle to go through your health and wellness goals, so you can choose a membership which works for you. 

What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Steven Harbron
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My work hours are unpredictable so it’s great to have such an extensive range of workouts available that I can choose from at a time that suits me. As a member of the Facebook page there is also the opportunity to ask for workouts with a specific focus for inclusion in the new videos released each month. The videos are so easy to follow and include really helpful tuition and tips, and variations to cater for everyone which is fantastic for getting started and easy to skip through once you get up to speed. It’s a great product with huge variety, the bonus of Danielle’s expert guidance and even a monthly recipe pack, all for less than I’ve paid for a gym membership.
Dr Ailsa Care
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Danielle has been my personal trainer for a number of years and I have benefited from her one to one training. I joined the Ascend on Demand membership so I could also train at home as well as the gym. Danielle has created detailed workout videos that are easy to follow and I enjoy how she adds new content every month! I highly recommend Ascend and Danielle’s fantastic workouts!
Becky Abotte
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Danielle has created a brilliant workout resource that I really benefit from. I have a busy professional lifestyle and need exercise to de-stress from my work. It’s just so easy to use and convenient and I never miss a workout session! I have become so much fitter and stronger, I am so happy - thanks Danielle!